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H88-0117. Otte, John A. (1861-1910). Papers, 1883-2008. 2.50 linear ft.

Identifier: H88-0117
Abstract Member of the Hope College class of 1883; medical missionary to Amoy, China, from 1888-1910. The collection includes biographies, clippings, correspondence, memorials, pamphlets and articles about his life and work, memorials, two books of photographs about his work in Amoy, China, and one book of photographs illustrating his trip to Europe and China. Detailed Collection Register available.
Dates: 1883 - 2008

H88-0121. Petrovich, Miodrag B. (Michael) (1933-1986). Papers, 1966-1989. 0.25 linear ft.

Identifier: H88-0121
Abstract Hope College history professor 1966-1986; interpreter for Presidents Carter and Reagan; founded the May Term in Yugoslavia program at Hope College. Contains newspaper clippings, news releases, paper, photographs, obituaries, tributes, and a sampling of his history course outlines and exams. Detailed Collection Register available.
Dates: 1966 - 1989

H88-0124. Ponstein, Lambert (1912-2004). Papers, 1949-1978. 0.25 linear ft.

Identifier: H88-0124
Abstract Graduate of Hope College in 1948; served as a professor of religion at Hope College from 1952-1976. The collection contains correspondence, memos, speeches, photographs, a 1976 oral history interview (digital and transcript), and book reviews. Topics covered include administrative issues, class loads, Hope College's philosophy of education, and teaching religion in public schools. Detailed Collection Register...
Dates: 1949 - 1978

H88-0129. Reeverts, Emma Marie (1898-1973). Papers, 1946-1973. 0.25 linear ft. PARTIALLY RESTRICTED

Identifier: H88-0129
Abstract Hope College class of 1920. Dean of women and associate professor of English, 1946-1963. The collection includes her biographical file, personnel file (RESTRICTED), academic materials, photographs, and clippings. Correspondents include Dr. Lubbers and Dr. Hollenbach. Detailed Collection Register available.
Dates: 1946 - 1973

H88-0130. Rider, Morrette L. (1921-2008). Papers, 1947-2008. 4.50 linear ft.

Identifier: H88-0130
Abstract Hope College professor of music, 1947-1966, then appointed Dean for Academic Affairs at Hope College, 1967-1974; Dean Emeritus, School of Music, University of Oregon. Collection includes articles, correspondence, photographs, programs, proposals, speeches and writings. Detailed Collection Register available.
Dates: 1947 - 2008

H88-0136. Shaw, Henry I., Jr. (1926-2000). Papers, 1949-1974. 0.25 linear ft.

Identifier: H88-0136
Abstract Hope College class of 1949; prominent military historian. Collection includes correspondence; articles on military history; photographs; and a student paper. Correspondents include Metta Ross and Paul Fried. Photos include images of Generals Wallace M. Green, Jr. and David M. Shoup. Detailed Collection Register available.
Dates: 1949 - 1974

H88-0140. Snow, Esther M. (1895-1974). Papers, 1942-2002 0.50 linear ft. PARTIALLY RESTRICTED

Identifier: H88-0140
Abstract Instructor and professor of piano and organ, 1937-1954; director of Women’s Glee Club; assistant professor of German, 1955-1965. Collection includes her personnel file (RESTRICTED), photographs, programs and correspondence from the Vienna Summer School, and "Musikalisch Frau Schnee: A Brief Biography of the Life of Esther MacFarlane Snow," by Robert Snow, 2002. Detailed...
Dates: 1942 - 2002

H88-0142. Snow, Wilfred Curtis (1894-1935). Papers, 1929-1963. 1.75 linear ft.

Identifier: H88-0142
Abstract Professor of organ and piano and director of music, 1929-1935. Clippings, photographs, programs, letters to Mrs. Snow, minutes of the Holland Civic Chorus directed by Mr. Snow, and memorials by Edward D. Dimnent and Wynand Wichers. Detailed Collection Register available.
Dates: 1929 - 1963

H88-0143. Steffens, Henry J. (1908-1992). Papers, 1947-2006. 1.00 linear ft.

Identifier: H88-0143
Abstract Hope College class of 1930; Treasurer of Hope College, 1946-1968. Papers include the 2003 obituary for his wife, Margaret Steffens (ca. 1910-2003), and correspondence regarding college finances, correspondence with Irwin Lubbers, and a 2006 oral history interview (audiotape cassette and transcript) with his daughter, Gretchen Steffens Robert, about her father’s work at Hope College. Detailed Collection Register...
Dates: 1947 - 2006

H88-0159. Vander Lugt, William (1902-1992). Papers, 1932-1992. 0.50 linear ft. PARTIALLY RESTRICTED

Identifier: H88-0159
Abstract Hope College professor of psychology, 1954-1959; professor of philosophy, 1959-1967; Dean of the College 1955-1967; distinguished professor-at-large, 1967-1972; chancellor, 1970-1972. Collection includes correspondence, clippings, photographs; speeches and writings, and Hope College faculty programs. Detailed Collection Register available.
Dates: 1932 - 1992