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H06-1638.50. Geerlings, John H. (1880-1953). Bible, 1913. 0.25 linear ft.

Identifier: H06-1638.50

John H. Geerlings was born in Niekerk, Michigan (Ottawa County), in 1880 and died in Holland, Michigan, in 1953. During his lifetime, he served as a pastor the Christian Reformed Church (CRC) in Michigan, Iowa and South Dakota. The collection consists of his Bible (Dutch), published in 1913.

Dates: 1913

H07-1659.10. Weener, Walter ( -1862). Papers, 1862. 1 folder.

Identifier: H07-1659.10
Abstract Olive, Michigan, area Civil War soldier with the Union Army’s 13th Michigan Infantry Regiment, Company I. He enlisted on December 7, 1861, as a private. Mustered in at Kalamazoo, Michigan, on January 17, 1862, at the age of 26 years. He was promoted to a corporal in October 1862. Killed in action on December 31, 1862, at Stone River, Tennesee. The collection includes biographical information and photocopies of five letters (Dutch/English) from Walter Weener to T. Den Bleyker, 1862. ...
Dates: 1862

H07-1659.20. Ely, Elisha. Papers, 1847-1848. 1 folder.

Identifier: H07-1659.20

Resident of Allegan, Michigan, in 1848 and, evidently, a land agent. The collection consists of photocopies in Dutch and English translations of two letters from Elisha Ely to Nathan L. Miller, Esq. of Bloomfield, Connecticut, in 1847 and 1848, concerning the paying of taxes and possible future sale of land south of present day Holland, Michigan, to Dutch immigrants. (Legal-E)

Dates: 1847 - 1848

H08-1675. Van Duren, Henk. Papers, 1897, 1982. 1 folder.

Identifier: H08-1675

The collection contains a Dutch language letter and article concerning the letters of a Dutch schoolteacher that died in a concentration camp during the Boer War in 1897. (V)

Dates: 1897; 1982

H08-1674.10. van Veenschoten, T. Papers, 1855. 1 folder.

Identifier: H08-1674.10
Abstract T. van Veenschoten was a Dutch immigrant to the Pella, Iowa, area from Arnhem, Gelderland, the Netherlands, in 1855. The collection contains a photocopy of his original letter in Dutch, and an English translation that was printed in the Doon, Iowa, newspaper, the Doon Press, on May 18, 1967, describing the voyage, travel by train, purchasing a farm, farm animals, wildlife, and comments on American life. The newspaper version also includes a return letter, dated 1856, in English, to van...
Dates: 1855

H08-1675.10. De Wachter (The Watcher). 1868-1941.

Identifier: H08-1675.10

Weekly newspaper that served as the official periodical of the Christian Reformed Church and published in Grand Rapids, Michigan, from 1868-1941 in Dutch.

Dates: 1868 - 1941

H09-1683. van de Luyster (Luijster), Jannes (1789-1862). Papers, 1854-1855. 1 folder.

Identifier: H09-1683

Pioneer of Zeeland, Michigan. The collection contains photocopies of two original letters (Dutch) and English translations from Rev. Jannes van de Luyster (Luijster) to Abraham de Muynck in 1854 and 1855. (V)

Dates: 1854 - 1855

H09-1692. Den Herder Family. Papers, 1855-1949. 0.50 linear ft.

Identifier: H09-1692
Abstract The Den Herder family migrated from the Netherlands to Zeeland, Michigan, in 1847. The parents of the family were Christiaan Marinus den Herder, born in 1796 in Borselen, Zeeland, the Netherlands, and his wife, Cornelia de Jonge, born in 1794. They had three sons and three daughters: Jan, Marinus, Jacob, Jannetje, Janna, and Neeltje. The majority of the papers in this collection are from Jacob, born in Borselen ca. 1833 and died in 1916. He was married to Adrianna Klaassen in 1856. ...
Dates: 1855 - 1949

H09-1704. Merwin, Cindy. Papers, 1804-1940, 2000. 0.50 linear ft.

Identifier: H09-1704
Abstract This collection consists mainly of correspondence of Philip Reimold, Mrs. Orlando S. Reimold, Darius Gilmore, Julia Van Raalte, Mrs. Benjamin Van Raalte, and Benjamin Van Raalte. Genealogical information is provided in attempts to receive aid from the Daughters of American Revolution Society. The collection also contains two letters (1872, 1874) written by Albertus C. Van Raalte, digital images of Reimold and Ben Van Raalte families and their home, The Maples, and the wills of John and...
Dates: 1804 - 1940; 2000

H09-1688.10. De Haas, Cornelis H. Papers, 1867-1889. 0.25 linear ft.

Identifier: H09-1688.10
Abstract Translated letters of Cornelis Hendrik De Haas in America (New Brunswick, New Jersey) to family members in the Netherlands and the Netherlands (Rhenen) to America while on school vacations dating from 1878-1882. Other translated letters are from Cornelis and Lizzie De Haas from Roritan, Illinois, to his parents (1884); C. M. Bouwheer (1884); M. Bouwheer-Haverkamp (n.d.); Gijsje Haverkamp (1867, 1879); Willem Haverkamp (1867, 1868); Rijntje ? (n.d.); Tietje ? (1874); UnknownHope College...
Dates: 1867 - 1889